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About Tripodking

Starting from the founding of its first store on the Zhongxiao night market of Taichung City in 1991. It was an innovative action to sell spicy hot pot. We have our own unique point to win the love of the gourmand in the surrounding of a variety of traditional Taiwanese dishes in Zhongxiao night market. By the founder Mr. Chen’s several years of cooking experience and his hardworking, he got the picky flavour of the customers and innovate the unique broth of hot and spicy flavour.
We experienced the conversion of different stages, creating the dining space design which perfectly mixed the Chinese traditional art and the modern aesthetics. We first created waiter’s bowing manner. From the products, services, tableware, environment, and the satisfaction of customer's dining experience, we became a spicy hot pot restaurant with both good fame and service quality.

Tripodking Hotpot with Pickled Cabbage & Pork

Sweet and sour with full flavor.

Tripodking's spicy hot pot is well known for the rich contains and multi-layer flavour of its soup stewed through a natural, healthy, and non-water cooking method.

Tripodking is a hot pot restaurant