Delicacies is a flowing art.

Tripodking’s spicy hot pot is well known for the rich contains and multi-layer flavor of its soup stewed through a natural, healthy, and non-water cooking method.

Our sweet is because of our attention

We believe that the effort we put today is for our further improvement. We can achieve our goal only by working hard, challenging ourselves for innovation, and being closer to the customer’s heart.

In addition to own the delicious broth, real food material, delicate tableware, and sweet service, our management team is also working hard to build a comfortable dining atmosphere and also make the environment have a sense of design. We hope guests not only enjoyed our delicacies but also enjoyed the elegant feeling that we want to bring to you. Therefore, if you can feel these two feelings that we want to offer you, then there is no difference between the delicacies you tasted and the delicacies the emperor tasted.

Tripodking is the legendary of Taiwan. By our insistence of delicacies, we hope to create an international “Tripodking’s kingdom of delicacies and arts”. Like the success of “Cloud Gate”, we want to let this top delicacies in Taiwan become the legendary in the whole world.